My name is José Tomás Novoa and I’m a music producer, sound engineer and sound designer.

My goal is to explore the different possibilities of music and sound for audiovisual projects. For this, each venture I take is approached from constant experimentation and testing, so that the ultimate goal is an authentic, dynamic and original sound experience which improves the products narrative and core history.

On this journey, I have had the pleasure to work with extremely talented musicians who share with me the idea and vision of creating something different from what the market offers. Hence, I strongly consider that teamwork effort and the constant exchange of ideas with other artists is a fundamental piece of the creative process and I strongly try to make my work be a result of this.

During 2017 I lived in Berlin and had the chance to meet its amazing electronic scene. This experience allowed me to expand my musical, technical and artistic knowledge.

As a musician, I think that giving space to personal initiatives is a must. For this reason, I work actively on my project: Tomás Novoa, which is an opportunity to create, think outside of the box and perform without any other consideration than music itself. This is just part of the learning process where I look forward to define myself as an artist.